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Sets the mouse cursor to the given texture.

Call this method with a Texture2D to change the appearance of the hardware pointer (mouse cursor).

The cursorMode parameter allows you to use hardware cursors on supported platforms, or force software rendering of the cursor.

In the following example, the mouse cursor is changed to a given texture when OnMouseEnter is called, and reset to default when OnMouseExit is called.

#pragma strict
public var cursorTexture: Texture2D;
public var cursorMode: CursorMode = CursorMode.Auto;
public var hotSpot: Vector2 = Vector2.zero;
function OnMouseEnter() {
	Cursor.SetCursor(cursorTexture, hotSpot, cursorMode);
function OnMouseExit() {
	Cursor.SetCursor(null, Vector2.zero, cursorMode);
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { public Texture2D cursorTexture; public CursorMode cursorMode = CursorMode.Auto; public Vector2 hotSpot = Vector2.zero; void OnMouseEnter() { Cursor.SetCursor(cursorTexture, hotSpot, cursorMode); }

void OnMouseExit() { Cursor.SetCursor(null, Vector2.zero, cursorMode); } }

public static method SetCursor(texture: Texture2D, hotspot: Vector2, cursorMode: CursorMode): void;
public static void SetCursor(Texture2D texture, Vector2 hotspot, CursorMode cursorMode);


textureThe texture to use for the cursor or null to set the default cursor. Note that a texture needs to be imported with "Read/Write enabled" in the texture importer (or using the "Cursor" defaults), in order to be used as a cursor.
hotspotThe offset from the top left of the texture to use as the target point (must be within the bounds of the cursor).
cursorModeAllow this cursor to render as a hardware cursor on supported platforms, or force software cursor.


Specify a custom cursor that you wish to use as a cursor.

Call this method with a Texture2D to change the appearance of the hardware pointer (mouse cursor).

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