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public method Stop(): void;
public void Stop();


Stops playing the clip.

The AudioSource.stop function stops the currently set Audio clip from playing. The Audio clip plays from the beginning the next time you play it.

See Also: Play, Pause functions.

no example available in JavaScript
//This script allows you to toggle music to play and stop.
//Assign an AudioSource to a GameObject and attach an Audio Clip in the Audio Source. Attach this script to the GameObject.

using UnityEngine;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { AudioSource m_MyAudioSource;

//Play the music bool m_Play; //Detect when you use the toggle, ensures music isn’t played multiple times bool m_ToggleChange;

void Start() { //Fetch the AudioSource from the GameObject m_MyAudioSource = GetComponent<AudioSource>(); //Ensure the toggle is set to true for the music to play at start-up m_Play = true; }

void Update() { //Check to see if you just set the toggle to positive if (m_Play == true && m_ToggleChange == true) { //Play the audio you attach to the AudioSource component m_MyAudioSource.Play(); //Ensure audio doesn’t play more than once m_ToggleChange = false; } //Check if you just set the toggle to false if (m_Play == false && m_ToggleChange == true) { //Stop the audio m_MyAudioSource.Stop(); //Ensure audio doesn’t play more than once m_ToggleChange = false; } }

void OnGUI() { //Switch this toggle to activate and deactivate the parent GameObject m_Play = GUI.Toggle(new Rect(10, 10, 100, 30), m_Play, "Play Music");

//Detect if there is a change with the toggle if (GUI.changed) { //Change to true to show that there was just a change in the toggle state m_ToggleChange = true; } } }