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public static var time: double;
public static double time;


Get the current network time (seconds).

This can, for example, be used to compare with the time returned in NetworkMessageInfo. The example script needs to be attached to an object with a network view and have the network view observe the script. It measures the time it took to send a message which synchronizes the X postion value of the objects transform.

    var something : float;
    var transitTime: double;
    function OnSerializeNetworkView (stream : BitStream,
        info : NetworkMessageInfo) {
        var horizontalInput : float = 0.0;
        if (stream.isWriting) {
            // Sending
            horizontalInput = transform.position.x;
            stream.Serialize (horizontalInput);
        } else {
            // Receiving
            transitTime = Network.time - info.timestamp;
            stream.Serialize (horizontalInput);
            something = horizontalInput;

function OnGUI() { GUILayout.Label("Last transmission time: "+ transitTime); }
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { public float something; public double transitTime; void OnSerializeNetworkView(BitStream stream, NetworkMessageInfo info) { float horizontalInput = 0.0F; if (stream.isWriting) { horizontalInput = transform.position.x; stream.Serialize(ref horizontalInput); } else { transitTime = Network.time - info.timestamp; stream.Serialize(ref horizontalInput); something = horizontalInput; } } void OnGUI() { GUILayout.Label("Last transmission time: " + transitTime); } }

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