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class in UnityEngine

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Gizmos are used to give visual debugging or setup aids in the scene view.

All gizmo drawing has to be done in either OnDrawGizmos or OnDrawGizmosSelected functions of the script.
OnDrawGizmos is called every frame. All gizmos rendered within OnDrawGizmos are pickable. OnDrawGizmosSelected is called only if the object the script is attached to is selected.

Static Properties

colorSets the color for the gizmos that will be drawn next.
matrixSet the gizmo matrix used to draw all gizmos.

Static Methods

DrawCubeDraw a solid box with center and size.
DrawFrustumDraw a camera frustum using the currently set Gizmos.matrix for it's location and rotation.
DrawGUITextureDraw a texture in the scene.
DrawIconDraw an icon at a position in the scene view.
DrawLineDraws a line starting at from towards to.
DrawMeshDraws a mesh.
DrawRayDraws a ray starting at from to from + direction.
DrawSphereDraws a solid sphere with center and radius.
DrawWireCubeDraw a wireframe box with center and size.
DrawWireMeshDraws a wireframe mesh.
DrawWireSphereDraws a wireframe sphere with center and radius.

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