Visual Studio C# Integration

What does this feature get me?

A more sophisticated C# development environment.
Think smart autocompletion, computer-assisted changes to source files, smart syntax highlighting and more.

What's the difference between Express and Pro?

VisualStudio C# 2010 is a product from Microsoft. It comes in an Express and a Profesional edition.
The Express edition is free, and you can download it from here:
The Professional edition is not free, you can find out more information about it here:

Unity's VisualStudio integration has two components:
1) Unity creating and maintaining VisualStudio project files. Works with Express and with Profesional.
2) Unity automatically opening VisualStudio when you doubleclick on a script, or error in Unity. Works with Professional only.

I've got Visual Studio Express, how do I use it?

I've got Visual Studio Profesional, how do I use it?

A few things to watch out for:

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