Version: 2022.3
言語: 日本語
Method group is Obsolete


Obsolete public void LoadImageIntoTexture (Texture2D texture);


tex 画像データを上書きするための既存のテクスチャ


ダウンロードしたデータの Texture2D を既存のコンテンツと置き換えます。

The data must be an image in JPG or PNG format. If the data is not a valid image, the generated texture will be a small image of a question mark. It is recommended to use power-of-two size for each dimension of the image; arbitrary sizes will also work but can load slightly slower and take up a bit more memory.

For PNG files, gamma correction is applied to the texture if PNG file contains gamma information. Display gamma for correction is assumed to be 2.0. If file does not contain gamma information, no color correction will be performed.

This function replaces texture contents with downloaded image data, so texture size and format might change. JPG files are loaded into RGB24 format, PNG files are loaded into ARGB32 format. If texture format before calling LoadImage is DXT1 or DXT5, then the loaded image will be DXT-compressed (into DXT1 for JPG images and DXT5 for PNG images).

If the data has not finished downloading the texture will be left untouched. Use isDone or yield to see if the data is available.

// Add this script to a GameObject. The Start() function fetches an
// image from the documentation site.  It is then applied as the
// texture on the GameObject.

using UnityEngine; using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { public string url = "";

IEnumerator Start() { Texture2D tex; tex = new Texture2D(4, 4, TextureFormat.DXT1, false); using (WWW www = new WWW(url)) { yield return www; www.LoadImageIntoTexture(tex); GetComponent<Renderer>().material.mainTexture = tex; } } }