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Script interface for the Limit Velocity Over Lifetime module.


dampenControls how much this module dampens particle velocities that exceed the velocity limit.
dragControls the amount of drag that this modules applies to the particle velocities.
dragMultiplierSpecifies the drag multiplier.
enabledSpecifies whether the LimitForceOverLifetimeModule is enabled or disabled.
limitMaximum velocity curve, when not using one curve per axis.
limitMultiplierChange the limit multiplier.
limitXMaximum velocity curve for the x-axis.
limitXMultiplierChange the limit multiplier on the x-axis.
limitYMaximum velocity curve for the y-axis.
limitYMultiplierChange the limit multiplier on the y-axis.
limitZMaximum velocity curve for the z-axis.
limitZMultiplierChange the limit multiplier on the z-axis.
multiplyDragByParticleSizeAdjust the amount of drag this module applies to particles, based on their sizes.
multiplyDragByParticleVelocityAdjust the amount of drag this module applies to particles, based on their speeds.
separateAxesSet the velocity limit on each axis separately. This module uses ParticleSystem.LimitVelocityOverLifetimeModule.drag to dampen a particle's velocity if the velocity exceeds this value.
spaceSpecifies if the velocity limits are in local space (rotated with the transform) or world space.