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public static AssetBundleCreateRequest LoadFromMemoryAsync (byte[] binary, uint crc);


binaryArray of bytes with the AssetBundle data.
crcAn optional CRC-32 checksum of the uncompressed content. If this is non-zero, then the content will be compared against the checksum before loading it, and give an error if it does not match.


AssetBundleCreateRequest Asynchronous create request for an AssetBundle. Use assetBundle property to get an AssetBundle once it is loaded.


Асинхронно создает AssetBundle из области памяти.

Use this method to create an AssetBundle from an array of bytes asynchronously. This is useful when you have downloaded the data with encryption using UnityWebRequest and need to create the AssetBundle from the unencrypted bytes.

Compared to LoadFromMemory, this version will perform AssetBundle decompression on a background thread, and will not create the AssetBundle object immediately.

See Also: AssetBundleCreateRequest, LoadFromMemory, LoadFromFileAsync.