public void SetFloatArray (string name, float[] values);
public void SetFloatArray (int nameID, float[] values);
public void SetFloatArray (string name, List<float> values);
public void SetFloatArray (int nameID, List<float> values);


nameThe name of the property.
nameIDThe name ID of the property retrieved by Shader.PropertyToID.
valuesThe array to set.


Set a float array property.

Adds a float array property to the block. If a float array property with the given name already exists, the old value is replaced.

The array length can't be changed once it has been added to the block. If you subsequently try to set a longer array into the same property, the length will be capped to the original length and the extra items you tried to assign will be ignored. If you set a shorter array than the original length, your values will be assigned but the original values will remain for the array elements beyond the length of your new shorter array.

See Also: SetVectorArray, SetMatrixArray.