public Color32[] GetPixels32 (Color32[] colors= null);


colorsOptional array to receive pixel data.


Возвращает данные пикселей в необработанном формате

This can be faster then calling GetPixels, as pixel data does not have to be converted to color structs, so you may want to use it if you need to do continuous processing on the video feed. You can optionally pass in an array of Color32s to use in colors to avoid allocating new memory each frame, which is faster when you are continuously reading data from the camera. The array needs to be initialized to a length matching width * height of the texture. If you don't pass an array, GetPixels32 will allocate one for you and return it.

using UnityEngine;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { WebCamTexture webcamTexture; Color32[] data;

void Start() { // Start web cam feed webcamTexture = new WebCamTexture(); webcamTexture.Play(); data = new Color32[webcamTexture.width * webcamTexture.height]; }

void Update() { webcamTexture.GetPixels32(data); // Do processing of data here. } }