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Obsolete public void OnLobbyStartHost ();


This is called on the host when a host is started.

//This script shows you how to add extra functionality when the lobby host starts and stops
//Add this script to your GameObject. Make sure there isn't another NetworkManager in the Scene.
//Create a Host Button (Create>UI>Button) and assign it in the Inspector of the GameObject this script is attached to
//Create a Text GameObject (Create>UI>Text) and attach it to the Status Text field in the Inspector.

using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.Networking; using UnityEngine.UI;

public class Example : NetworkLobbyManager { public Button m_HostButton; public Text m_StatusText; bool m_HostStarted;

void Start() { //Set the minimum and maximum number of players maxPlayers = 6; minPlayers = 2; maxPlayersPerConnection = 1; //Call these functions when each Button is clicked m_HostButton.onClick.AddListener(HostButton); m_StatusText.text = "Current Scene : " + lobbyScene; }

//Output a message when the host joins the lobby public override void OnLobbyStartHost() { //Change the Text to show this message m_StatusText.text = "A Host has joined the lobby!"; m_HostStarted = true; //Do the default actions for when the host starts in the lobby base.OnLobbyStartHost(); }

// Output a message to the host when the host stops public override void OnLobbyStopHost() { //Output this message when the host stops m_StatusText.text = "A Host has left the lobby!"; //Do the default actions when the host stops base.OnLobbyStopHost(); m_HostStarted = false; }

/// This is where the Buttons are given functionality //Start the host when this Button is pressed public void HostButton() { //Check if the host has already started if (m_HostStarted == false) { //Start the host StartHost(); //Change the Button's Text m_HostButton.GetComponentInChildren<Text>().text = "Stop Host"; } else { //If the host has already started, stop the host StopHost(); //Change the Button's Text m_HostButton.GetComponentInChildren<Text>().text = "Start Host"; } } }