public static void BlitMultiTap (Texture source, RenderTexture dest, Material mat, params Vector2[] offsets);


source@param source Текстура-источник.
dest@param dest RenderTexture, или null для замены напрямую на экран.
mat@param mat Материал, используемый при копировании. Шейдер материала делает какой-нибудь пост-эффект.
offsetsVariable number of filtering offsets. Offsets are given in pixels.


Копирует текстуру-источник в конечную текстуру для многоэтапного шейдера.

This is mostly used for implementing some [post-processing effects. For example, Gaussian or iterative Cone blurring samples source texture at multiple different locations.

BlitMultiTap sets dest to be active render texture, sets source as _MainTex property on the material, and draws a full-screen quad. Each vertex of the quad has multiple texture coordinates set up, offset by offsets pixels.

See Also: Graphics.Blit, post-processing effects.