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Obsolete public bool Send (short msgType, MessageBase msg);


msgTypeThe id of the message to send.
msgA message instance to send.


bool True if message was sent.


This sends a network message with a message Id to the server. This message is sent on channel zero, which by default is the reliable channel.

The message must be an instance of a class derived from MessageBase.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Networking;

public class RegisterHostMessage : MessageBase { public string gameName; public string comment; public bool passwordProtected; }

public class MasterClient { public NetworkClient client;

public const short RegisterHostMsgId = 888;

public void RegisterHost(string name) { RegisterHostMessage msg = new RegisterHostMessage(); msg.gameName = name; msg.comment = "test"; msg.passwordProtected = false;

client.Send(RegisterHostMsgId, msg); } }

The message id passed to Send() is used to identify the handler function to invoke on the server when the message is received.