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Class defines network topology for host (socket opened by NetworkTransport.AddHost function). This topology defines: (1) how many connection with default config will be supported and (2) what will be special connections (connections with config different from default).

Example: p2p game with 10 people in the room and connection to chat server, in this case it will be 10 default connections and one special.

The NetworkServer and NetworkClient classed can be configured with a HostTopology instance.


DefaultConfigDefines config for default connections in the topology.
MaxDefaultConnectionsDefines how many connection with default config be permitted.
MessagePoolSizeGrowthFactorLibrary keep and reuse internal pools of messages. By default they have size 128. If this value is not enough pools will be automatically increased. This value defines how they will increase. Default value is 0.75, so if original pool size was 128, the new pool size will be 128 * 1.75 = 224.
ReceivedMessagePoolSizeWhat is the size of received messages pool (default 128 bytes).
SentMessagePoolSizeDefines size of sent message pool (default value 128).
SpecialConnectionConfigsList of special connection configs.
SpecialConnectionConfigsCountReturns count of special connection added to topology.


HostTopologyCreate topology.

Public 함수

AddSpecialConnectionConfigAdd special connection to topology (for example if you need to keep connection to standalone chat server you will need to use this function). Returned id should be use as one of parameters (with ip and port) to establish connection to this server.
GetSpecialConnectionConfigReturn reference to special connection config. Parameters of this config can be changed.