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Representation of four-dimensional vectors.

This structure is used in some places to represent four component vectors (e.g. mesh tangents, parameters for shaders). In the majority of other cases a Vector3 is used.

정적 변수

oneShorthand for writing Vector4(1,1,1,1).
zeroShorthand for writing Vector4(0,0,0,0).


magnitudeReturns the length of this vector (Read Only).
normalizedReturns this vector with a magnitude of 1 (Read Only).
sqrMagnitudeReturns the squared length of this vector (Read Only).
this[int]Access the x, y, z, w components using [0], [1], [2], [3] respectively.
wW component of the vector.
xX component of the vector.
yY component of the vector.
zZ component of the vector.


Vector4Creates a new vector with given x, y, z, w components.

Public 함수

SetSet x, y, z and w components of an existing Vector4.
ToStringReturns a nicely formatted string for this vector.

정적 함수

DistanceReturns the distance between a and b.
DotDot Product of two vectors.
LerpLinearly interpolates between two vectors.
LerpUnclampedLinearly interpolates between two vectors.
MaxReturns a vector that is made from the largest components of two vectors.
MinReturns a vector that is made from the smallest components of two vectors.
MoveTowardsMoves a point current towards target.
ProjectProjects a vector onto another vector.
ScaleMultiplies two vectors component-wise.


operator -Subtracts one vector from another.
operator !=Returns true if vectors different.
operator *Multiplies a vector by a number.
operator /Divides a vector by a number.
operator +Adds two vectors.
operator ==Returns true if the vectors are equal.
Vector2Converts a Vector4 to a Vector2.
Vector3Converts a Vector4 to a Vector3.
Vector4Converts a Vector3 to a Vector4.
Vector4Converts a Vector2 to a Vector4.