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public function GetSide(inPt: Vector3): bool;
public bool GetSide(Vector3 inPt);



평면의 표면이 어느쪽을 향하고 있는지 확인합니다. (양의 방향인지 여부입니다.)

var goalLine1: Plane;
var goalLine2: Plane;
var leftSideLine: Plane;
var rightSideLine: Plane;

function GoalScored(ballPos: Vector3) { // If the ball is within the sidelines... if (!leftSideLine.GetSide(ballPos) && !rightSideLine.GetSide(ballPos)) { // If the ball is over goal line 1 then it's a goal for team 1... if (goalLine1.GetSide(ballPos)) return 1; // ...else if the ball is over goal line 2 then it's a goal for team 2. else if (goalLine2.GetSide(ballPos)) return 2; } // Otherwise, it isn't a goal for either team. return 0; }
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { public Plane goalLine1; public Plane goalLine2; public Plane leftSideLine; public Plane rightSideLine; int GoalScored(Vector3 ballPos) { if (!leftSideLine.GetSide(ballPos) && !rightSideLine.GetSide(ballPos)) if (goalLine1.GetSide(ballPos)) return 1; else if (goalLine2.GetSide(ballPos)) return 2; return 0; } }