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public function TexturePropertyTwoLines(label: GUIContent, textureProp: MaterialProperty, extraProperty1: MaterialProperty, label2: GUIContent, extraProperty2: MaterialProperty): Rect;
public Rect TexturePropertyTwoLines(GUIContent label, MaterialProperty textureProp, MaterialProperty extraProperty1, GUIContent label2, MaterialProperty extraProperty2);


label The label used for the texture property.
textureProp The texture property.
extraProperty1 First extra property inlined after the texture property.
label2 Label for the second extra property (on a new line and indented).
extraProperty2 Second property on a new line below the texture.


Rect Returns the Rect used.


Method for showing a compact layout of properties.

The texture is shown using the mini thumbnail that fits on a single line. The first extra property is shown inlined after the texture property and the second extra property is shown below on a new line with it's own label. See Also: TexturePropertySingleLine, ShaderGUI.