Version: 2022.1
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struct in UnityEngine

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Script interface for a Burst.

A burst is a particle emission event, where a number of particles are all emitted at the same time. See Also: ParticleSystem.emission, ParticleSystem.emissionModule.SetBursts, ParticleSystem.emissionModule.GetBursts.


countSpecify the number of particles to emit.
cycleCountSpecifies how many times the system should play the burst. Set this to 0 to make it play indefinitely.
maxCountThe maximum number of particles to emit.
minCountThe minimum number of particles to emit.
probabilityThe probability that the system triggers a burst.
repeatIntervalHow often to repeat the burst, in seconds.
timeThe time that each burst occurs.


ParticleSystem.BurstConstruct a new Burst with a time and count.