Version: 2020.2


매뉴얼로 전환
public RenderTargetIdentifier (Rendering.BuiltinRenderTextureType type);
public RenderTargetIdentifier (string name);
public RenderTargetIdentifier (int nameID);
public RenderTargetIdentifier (Texture tex);
public RenderTargetIdentifier (Rendering.RenderTargetIdentifier renderTargetIdentifier, int mipLevel, CubemapFace cubeFace, int depthSlice);


type Built-in temporary render texture type.
name Temporary render texture name.
nameID Temporary render texture name (as integer, see Shader.PropertyToID).
tex RenderTexture or Texture object to use.
mipLevel MipLevel of the RenderTexture to use.
cubemapFace Cubemap face of the Cubemap RenderTexture to use.
depthSlice Depth slice of the Array RenderTexture to use. The symbolic constant RenderTargetIdentifier.AllDepthSlices indicates that all slices should be bound for rendering. The default value is 0.
renderTargetIdentifier An existing render target identifier.


Creates a render target identifier.

Textures can be identified in a number of ways, for example a RenderTexture object, or a Texture object, or one of built-in render textures (BuiltinRenderTextureType), or a temporary render texture with a name (that was created using CommandBuffer.GetTemporaryRT).

RenderTargetIdentifier can be implicitly created from a RenderTexture reference, or a Texture reference, or a BuiltinRenderTextureType, or a name.

A RenderTargetIdentifier created from Texture reference is only valid when passed to CommandBuffer.SetGlobalTexture

See Also: CommandBuffer.SetRenderTarget, CommandBuffer.SetGlobalTexture.