Version: 2020.2
public void LogError (string tag, object message);
public void LogError (string tag, object message, Object context);


tag Used to identify the source of a log message. It usually identifies the class where the log call occurs.
message String or object to be converted to string representation for display.
context Object to which the message applies.


A variant of Logger.Log that logs an error message.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class MyGameClass : MonoBehaviour { private static ILogger logger = Debug.unityLogger; private static string kTAG = "MyGameTag"; private Transform tr;

void MyGameMethod() { if (tr == null) { logger.LogError(kTAG, "memberVariable must be set to point to a Transform.", tr);

Debug.unityLogger.LogError(kTAG, "Failed! to set Transform", tr); } } }

Note that this pauses the editor when 'ErrorPause' is enabled.