Version: 2020.1
언어: 한국어


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public void SetOverrideTag (string tag, string val);


tag Name of the tag to set.
val Name of the value to set. Empty string to clear the override flag.


Sets an override tag/value on the material.

Will set a tag/value on the material that overrides the value of said tag from the shader. This can be used to make sure replacement shaders (such as rendering DepthNormals) work even if the original shader only supports a certain render type. For example if a shader only supports a specific render type but renders in many ways using keywords, SetOverrideTag can be used fom a custom material inspector to ensure that the material renders correctly even if the shader is replaced.

using UnityEngine;

public static class MaterialUtils { public enum BlendMode { Opaque, Cutout, Fade, Transparent }

public static void SetupBlendMode(Material material, BlendMode blendMode) { switch (blendMode) { case BlendMode.Opaque: material.SetOverrideTag("RenderType", ""); material.DisableKeyword("_ALPHATEST_ON"); material.renderQueue = -1; break; case BlendMode.Cutout: material.SetOverrideTag("RenderType", "TransparentCutout"); material.EnableKeyword("_ALPHATEST_ON"); material.renderQueue = 2450; break; } } }