public void AddTorque (float torque, ForceMode2D mode= ForceMode2D.Force);


torqueTorque to apply.
modeThe force mode to use.


Apply a torque at the rigidbody's centre of mass.

A torque is conceptually a force being applied at the end of an imaginary lever, with the fulcrum at the centre of mass. A torque of five units could thus be equivalent to a force of five units pushing on the end of a lever one unit long, or a force of one unit on a lever five units long. Unity's units are arbitrary but the principle that torque = force x lever length still applies.

Note that unlike a 3D Rigidbody, a Rigidbody2D can only rotate in one axis and so torque is a float value rather than a vector.

See Also: AddForce, AddForceAtPosition, Rigidbody.AddTorque.