Version: 2020.3
public Profiling.Recorder GetRecorder ();


Recorder Recorder object associated with the Sampler.


Returns Recorder associated with the Sampler.

Each Sampler has only one recorder. Multiple calls to GetRecorder return references that control the same native Recorder object. If Sampler object is invalid, it returns invalid Recorder object as well.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Profiling;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { Recorder behaviourUpdateRecorder; void Start() { var sampler = Sampler.Get("BehaviourUpdate"); behaviourUpdateRecorder = sampler.GetRecorder(); if (behaviourUpdateRecorder.isValid) behaviourUpdateRecorder.enabled = true; }

void Update() { if (behaviourUpdateRecorder.isValid) Debug.Log("BehaviourUpdate time: " + behaviourUpdateRecorder.elapsedNanoseconds); } }

Note: At the moment Samplers are available only in the Editor and Development Players. Use Sampler.isValid to verify if Sampler can be used to create a valid Recorder.

See Also: Sampler.isValid, Recorder, Recorder.isValid.