public int OverlapCollider (ContactFilter2D contactFilter, Collider2D[] results);


contactFilterThe contact filter used to filter the results differently, such as by layer mask, Z depth. Note that normal angle is not used for overlap testing.
resultsThe array to receive results. The size of the array determines the maximum number of results that can be returned.


int Returns the number of results placed in the results array.


Get a list of all colliders that overlap all colliders attached to this Rigidbody2D.

The integer return value is the number of colliders that overlap the collider and which could be stored in the supplied array given its length. The results array will not be resized if it doesn't contain enough elements to report all the results. The significance of this is that no memory is allocated for the results and so garbage collection performance is improved when the check is performed frequently.

See Also: Physics2D.OverlapCollider, Collider2D.OverlapCollider & Rigidbody2D.GetAttachedColliders.