Version: 2019.4
public static void PushNotification (U output, Playables.Playable origin, Playables.INotification notification, object context);


outputThe output sending the notification.
originThe originating playable of the notification.
notificationThe notification to be sent.
contextExtra information about the state when the notification was fired.


Queues a notification to be sent through the Playable system.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Playables;
class ExamplePlayableBehaviour : PlayableBehaviour
    private static readonly Notification s_BlendNotification = new Notification("BlendComplete");
    private float m_lastWeight = 0;

public override void PrepareFrame(Playable playable, FrameData info) { if (m_lastWeight < 1 &amp;&amp; info.effectiveWeight == 1) { info.output.PushNotification(playable, s_BlendNotification, m_lastWeight); } m_lastWeight = info.effectiveWeight; } }