Version: 2021.3
public static void BakeMultipleScenes (string[] paths);


paths The path of the Scenes that should be baked.


Bakes an array of Scenes.

This loads all Scenes and then builds all lightmaps, Reflection Probes and Enlighten Realtime Global Illumination data. The function automatically splits baked data by Scene. This means you can bake lightmaps for two adjacent levels and have light and shadows cast onto objects in level A affect objects in level B.

Enlighten system data automatically connects neighboring systems when it is additively loaded, thus bounce lighting can flow from one Scene to another.

A single LightProbe asset is generated for all Scenes. Hence for the time being, lightprobes always take as much memory as there are lightprobes in all levels that are baked together.

Only one ambient probe & default sky probe will be baked and assigned to each Scene.

Multiple Lightmapsnapshot objects containing the data for each Scene are written into a single file in "MyScene/LightmapSnapshot.asset". At build time this data will also be automatically split as well, hence if you bake multiple Scenes but then only deploy one Scene then only the lightmap data for that Scene will be deployed.