Version: 2019.4
public static void MultiFloatField (Rect position, GUIContent[] subLabels, float[] values);
public static void MultiFloatField (Rect position, GUIContent label, GUIContent[] subLabels, float[] values);


labelFloat Field の前に表示するオプションのラベル
subLabels各 float 型のフィールドの前に表示する小さなラベルの配列。ひとつのフィールドにひとつのレターのためのルームがあります。


Makes a multi-control with text fields for entering multiple floats in the same line.

The height of the multi-control depends on the total width of its editor window. The control is drawn within the specified rectangle (position). If the control does not fit, it is drawn outside the rectangle. See Also: EditorGUIUtility.wideMode.