Version: 2021.3
言語: 日本語
public void OnPreviewGUI (Rect r, GUIStyle background);


r プレビューを描画する矩形
background 背景イメージ


Implement to create your own custom preview for the preview area of the inspector, the headers of the primary editor, and the object selector.

If you implement OnInteractivePreviewGUI, then this method is only called for non-interactive custom previews. The overidden method should render a preview of the asset in the specified rectangle (r). The default implementation is a no-op.

Note: Inspector previews are limited to the primary editor of persistent objects (assets), e.g., GameObjectInspector, MaterialEditor, TextureInspector. This means that it is currently not possible for a component to have its own inspector preview.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class GameObjectEditorWindow: EditorWindow { GameObject gameObject; Editor gameObjectEditor;

[MenuItem("Window/GameObject Editor")] static void ShowWindow() { GetWindow<GameObjectEditorWindow>("GameObject Editor"); }

void OnGUI() { gameObject = (GameObject) EditorGUILayout.ObjectField(gameObject, typeof(GameObject), true);

if (gameObject != null) { if (gameObjectEditor == null) gameObjectEditor = Editor.CreateEditor(gameObject);

gameObjectEditor.OnPreviewGUI(GUILayoutUtility.GetRect(500, 500), EditorStyles.whiteLabel); } } }

関連項目: OnInteractivePreviewGUI.