public static void ExternalCall (string functionName, params object[] args);


functionName 呼び出す関数の名前
args 呼び出す関数に渡される引数の配列


WebGL Player を含む Web ページで関数を呼び出します。

ExternalCall calls functionName in the web page containing the WebGL player, passing the given arguments to it. Supported argument types are the primitive types (string, int, float, string) and arrays of such types. Any other objects are converted to string using ToString and passed as strings.

この関数は非ブロッキング関数と呼ばれます。例えば ExternalCall は関数が完全に呼び出されたという結果を待つことなしに、すぐに戻り値が返されます。


no example available in C#

The functions to be called are declared in the HTML page using standard syntax, for example:

	// This should be contained in the host page in the appropriate <script> element.
	// Using the above call from Unity, this will receive
	// "Hello from Unity!" as the argument.
	function MyFunction2( arg )
		alert( arg );

関連項目: Application.ExternalEval.