Version: 2022.1
言語: 日本語
public static PackageManager.Requests.PackRequest Pack (string packageFolder, string targetFolder);


packageFolder Folder containing the package. ArgumentException is thrown if packageFolder is null or empty.
targetFolder Folder where the Package Manager will write the GZip tarball file. The Package Manager will create this folder if it does not already exist. ArgumentException is thrown if targetFolder is null or empty.


PackRequest A PackRequest instance, which you can use to get the PackOperationResult representing the path of the generated tarball from the PackRequest.Result property.


Creates a GZip tarball file from a package folder. The format and content of the file is the same as if the package was published to a package registry.

Pack() is an asynchronous operation. Before the operation is complete, you can use the PackRequest instance to monitor the asynchronous operation.

Note: Make sure any other Client operations have completed before calling this method. For more information, see the note on the Client class reference page.