Version: 2021.2
言語: 日本語


Event function that Unity calls before a Camera renders the scene.

In the Built-in Render Pipeline, Unity calls OnPreRender on MonoBehaviours that are attached to the same GameObject as an enabled Camera component, just before that Camera renders the scene. Use OnPreRender to execute your own code at this point in the render loop; for example, you could change visual settings to affect the scene while a given Camera is rendering. OnPreRender can be a coroutine.

For similar functionality that does not require the script to be on the same GameObject as a Camera component, see Camera.onPreRender. For similar functionality in the Scriptable Render Pipeline, see RenderPipelineManager.

Unity calls OnPreRender after the Camera performs its culling operation. This means that if you make a change that affects what the Camera sees, the change will take effect from the next frame. To make a change to what the Camera sees in the current frame, use MonoBehaviour.OnPreCull.

When Unity calls OnPreRender, the Camera's render target and depth textures are not yet set up. If you need to access these, you can execute code later in the render loop using a CommandBuffer.

// This script lets you enable/disable fog per camera.
// by enabling or disabling the script in the title of the Inspector
// you can turn fog on or off per camera.

using UnityEngine; using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { private bool revertFogState = false;

void OnPreRender() { revertFogState = RenderSettings.fog; RenderSettings.fog = enabled; }

void OnPostRender() { RenderSettings.fog = revertFogState; } }