Version: 2021.1
public void BakeMesh (Mesh mesh);
public void BakeMesh (Mesh mesh, bool useScale);


mesh スキンされたメッシュのスナップショットを受信する静的メッシュ
useScale Whether to use the SkinnedMeshRenderer's Transform scale when baking the Mesh. If this is true, Unity bakes the Mesh using the position, rotation, and scale values from the SkinnedMeshRenderer's Transform. If this is false, Unity bakes the Mesh using the position and rotation values from the SkinnedMeshRenderer's Transform, but without using the scale value from the SkinnedMeshRenderer's Transform. The default value is false.


SkinnedMeshRenderer のスナップショットを作成し、 mesh にそれを格納します。

The vertices are relative to the SkinnedMeshRenderer Transform component.

The snapshot is still computed even when updateWhenOffscreen is set to false and the skinned mesh object is currently offscreen.
When this function is called the skinning process will always take place on the CPU, regardless of the GPU Skinning setting.