Version: 2021.1
protected void ProcessRenderRequests (Rendering.ScriptableRenderContext context, Camera camera, List<RenderRequest> renderRequests);


renderRequests The list of RenderRequests to execute.


Executes RenderRequests submitted using Camera.SubmitRenderRequests.

Unity calls this method when the user calls Camera.SubmitRenderRequests.

If the active RenderPipeline implements this method, Unity updates the RenderTexture assigned to the results property of each RenderRequest with the requested data.

If the active RenderPipeline does not implement this method, Unity does nothing; it performs a no-op, and every RenderRequests remains in the same state.

If you are creating a custom Scriptable Render Pipeline you must ensure that you implement this method as described, or do not implement it.

See Also: Camera.SubmitRenderRequests, RenderRequest