Version: 2021.1
言語: 日本語
public void GetData (Array data);
public void GetData (Array data, int managedBufferStartIndex, int computeBufferStartIndex, int count);


data データを受け取るための配列
managedBufferStartIndex The first element index in data where retrieved elements are copied.
computeBufferStartIndex The first element index of the buffer from which elements are read.
count The number of elements to retrieve.


Read data values from the buffer into an array. The array can only use blittable types.

The retrieved data will follow the data layout rules of the graphics API in use. See Compute Shaders for cross-platform compatibility information.

Note that this function reads the data back from the GPU, which can be slow. If any GPU work has been submitted that writes to this buffer, Unity waits for the tasks to complete before it retrieves the requested data, guaranteeing this function returns the most up to date results. For this reason, you should use AsyncGPUReadback instead because it performs the request in the background, and allows you to check when the result is available, without blocking the main thread.

Note: Only blittable data types can be copied from the buffer to the array, the array's type must be a blittable type. If you attempt to use non-blittable types, an exception will be raised.

See Also: SetData, count, stride.