Version: 2021.1
言語: 日本語


public static Matrix4x4 GetGPUProjectionMatrix (Matrix4x4 proj, bool renderIntoTexture);


proj 元の射影行列
renderIntoTexture この射影をRenderTextureに描画するために使用するか


Matrix4x4 現在のグラフィックスAPI用に補正された射影行列


カメラの射影行列から、GPU の射影行列を計算します

In Unity, projection matrices follow OpenGL convention. However on some platforms they have to be transformed a bit to match the native API requirements. Use this function to calculate how the final projection matrix will be like. The value will match what comes as UNITY_MATRIX_P matrix in a shader.

The renderIntoTexture value should be set to true if you intend to render into a RenderTexture with this projection matrix. On some platforms it affects how the final matrix will look like.

See Also: Camera.projectionMatrix, Matrix4x4.Perspective, Platform differences, Built-in shader variables.