Version: 2021.1
言語: 日本語
public void RenderWithShader (Shader shader, string replacementTag);



詳細は Rendering with Replaced Shaders を参照してください


The camera will not send OnPreCull, OnPreRender or OnPostRender to attached scripts. Image filters will not be rendered either.

This is used for special effects, e.g. rendering screenspace normal buffer of the whole Scene, heat vision and so on. To make use of this feature, usually you create a camera and disable it. Then call RenderWithShader on it.

You are not able to call the Render function from a camera that is currently rendering. If you wish to do this create a copy of the camera, and make it match the original one using CopyFrom.

See Also: Rendering with Replaced Shaders, SetReplacementShader, Render.