Version: 2020.3
言語: 日本語
public static void SetGlobalColor (string name, Color value);
public static void SetGlobalColor (int nameID, Color value);


nameID Shader.PropertyToID によって検索されるプロパティーの nameID
name プロパティーの名前


すべてのシェーダーに適用されるグローバルな Color プロパティーを設定します

Global properties are used if a shader needs them but the material does not have them defined (for example, if the shader does not expose them in Properties block).

Usually this is used if you have a set of custom shaders that all use the same "global" color (for example, color of the sun). Then you can set the global property from script and don't have to setup the same color in all materials.

Note that unlike Material.SetColor, this function doesn't do color space conversion. It is just an alias to SetGlobalVector.

関連項目: SetGlobalFloatSetGlobalVectorSetGlobalTexture; Material クラス、ShaderLab ドキュメント.