Version: 2020.3


public Matrix4x4 GetStereoNonJitteredProjectionMatrix (Camera.StereoscopicEye eye);


eye Specifies the stereoscopic eye whose non-jittered projection matrix needs to be returned.


Matrix4x4 The non-jittered projection matrix of the specified stereoscopic eye.


Gets the non-jittered projection matrix of a specific left or right stereoscopic eye.

If you have configured the non-jittered stereo projection matrices with Camera.CopyStereoDeviceProjectionMatrixToNonJittered, this function will return the VR device's original stereo projection matrices. If you have not used Camera.CopyStereoDeviceProjectionMatrixToNonJittered, this will return the same matrix as Camera.GetStereoProjectionMatrix.

Use Camera.GetStereoProjectionMatrix to get the jittered stereo projection matrices.

For descriptions of jittered projection rendering see: Camera.nonJitteredProjectionMatrix.