Version: 2020.2
言語: 日本語
public static PackageManager.Requests.SearchRequest SearchAll ();
public static PackageManager.Requests.SearchRequest SearchAll (bool offlineMode);


offlineMode Specifies whether or not the Package Manager requests the latest information about the Project's packages from the remote Unity package registry. When offlineMode is true, the PackageInfo objects returned by the Package Manager contain information obtained from the local package cache, which could be out of date.


SearchRequest A SearchRequest instance, which you can use to monitor the asynchronous operation, and retrieve the result when the operation is complete.


Searches the Unity package registry for all packages compatible with the current Unity version.

This operation issues a request to the official Unity package registry.
Note: Make sure any other Client operations have completed before calling this method. For more information, see the note on the Client class reference page.