Version: 2020.1
言語: 日本語
public static AsyncOperation UpdateNavMeshDataAsync (AI.NavMeshData data, AI.NavMeshBuildSettings buildSettings, List<NavMeshBuildSource> sources, Bounds localBounds);


data The NavMeshData to update.
buildSettings The build settings which is used to update the NavMeshData. The build settings is also hashed along with the data, so changing settings will likely to cause full rebuild.
sources List of input geometry used for baking, they describe the surfaces to walk on or obstacles to avoid.
localBounds Bounding box relative to position and rotation which describes to volume where the NavMesh should be built.


AsyncOperation Can be used to check the progress of the update.


Asynchronously and incrementally updates the NavMeshData based on the sources. (UnityEngine)

Each time NavMeshData is built or updated, the source data is hashed, and the hashes are stored along with the NavMeshData.

When UpdateNavMeshDataAsync() is called, first the hashes are compared and only changed portions are rebuilt. For this reason, the list of sources should always contain all the input geometry, even if they haven't moved or changed. If the list of sources is modified between calls to UpdateNavMeshDataAsync the missing/added sources are considered changes. Try to provide the sources that have not changed since the last update in the same relative order as before because their sequence can affect the values of the hashes. This measure ensures that unchanged portions don't get rebuilt unnecessarily.

You must supply a Bounds struct for the localBounds parameter.

See Also: NavMeshBuilder.Cancel.