Version: 2019.4
public static bool IsMetaFileOpenForEdit (Object assetObject, StatusQueryOptions statusOptions= StatusQueryOptions.UseCachedIfPossible);
public static bool IsMetaFileOpenForEdit (Object assetObject, out string message, StatusQueryOptions statusOptions= StatusQueryOptions.UseCachedIfPossible);


assetObjectObject representing the asset whose metadata status you wish to query.
messageReturns a reason for the asset metadata not being open for edit.
statusOptionsOptions for how the version control system should be queried. These options can effect the speed and accuracy of the query. Default is StatusQueryOptions.UseCachedIfPossible.


bool True if the asset's metadata is considered open for edit by the selected version control system.


アセットのメタデータ (.meta) ファイルがバージョン管理で編集のために開いているかどうかを照会します。

Your version control system may be configured to only allow a single user at a time to edit certain types of file, to avoid conflicts that arise when multiple users edit a file at the same time. In this case a user must 'open' that file for editing (also known as 'checking out') to ensure that they have permission to edit the file. Use this function to query the 'open for edit' status of a file in a version control system that supports it.

See Also: AssetDatabase.IsOpenForEdit, StatusQueryOptions.