Version: 2019.3
public Color GetPixelBilinear (float x, float y);


正規化座標(u, v)でフィルタリングされたピクセルのカラーを取得します

Coordinates u and v go from 0.0 to 1.0, just like UV coordinates in meshes. If coordinates are out of bounds (larger than 1.0 or smaller than 0.0), they will be clamped or repeated based on the texture's wrap mode.

Texture coordinates start at lower left corner. UV of (0,0) lands exactly on the bottom left texel; and UV of ((width-1)/width, (height-1)/height) lands exactly on the top right texel.


The texture must have the read/write enabled flag set in the texture import settings, otherwise this function will fail. GetPixelBilinear is not available on Textures using Crunch texture compression.

関連項目: GetPixel.

using UnityEngine;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { // "Warp" a texture by squashing its pixels to one side. // This involves sampling the image at non-integer pixel // positions to ensure a smooth effect.

// Source image. public Texture2D sourceTex;

// Amount of "warping". public float warpFactor = 1.0f;

Texture2D destTex; Color[] destPix;

void Start() { // Set up a new texture with the same dimensions as the original. destTex = new Texture2D(sourceTex.width, sourceTex.height); destPix = new Color[destTex.width * destTex.height];

// For each pixel in the destination texture... for (var y = 0; y < destTex.height; y++) { for (var x = 0; x < destTex.width; x++) { // Calculate the fraction of the way across the image // that this pixel positon corresponds to. float xFrac = x * 1.0f / (destTex.width - 1); float yFrac = y * 1.0f / (destTex.height - 1);

// Take the fractions (0..1)and raise them to a power to apply // the distortion. float warpXFrac = Mathf.Pow(xFrac, warpFactor); float warpYFrac = Mathf.Pow(yFrac, warpFactor);

// Get the non-integer pixel positions using GetPixelBilinear. destPix[y * destTex.width + x] = sourceTex.GetPixelBilinear(warpXFrac, warpYFrac); } }

// Copy the pixel data to the destination texture and apply the change. destTex.SetPixels(destPix); destTex.Apply();

// Set our object's texture to the newly warped image. GetComponent<Renderer>().material.mainTexture = destTex; } }

関連項目: GetPixel.