Version: 2019.2
public void ConvertTexture (Rendering.RenderTargetIdentifier src, int srcElement, Rendering.RenderTargetIdentifier dst, int dstElement);


srcソーステクスチャ (コピー元のテクスチャ)
srcElementSource element (e.g. cubemap face). Set this to 0 for 2D source textures.
dstElementDestination element (e.g. cubemap face or texture array element).


Converts and copies a source texture to a destination texture with a different format or dimensions.

This function provides an efficient way to convert between textures of different formats and dimensions. The destination texture format must be uncompressed and correspond to a RenderTextureFormat supported on the current device. You can use 2D and cubemap textures as the source and 2D, cubemap, 2D array and cubemap array textures as the destination.

Note that due to API limitations, this function is not supported on DX9 or Mac+OpenGL.