Version: 2018.2


struct in UnityEngine



Texture Sheet Animation モジュールのスクリプトインターフェース

This module allows you to add animations to your particle textures. This is achieved by authoring flipbook textures, which look like this:

Each numbered region represents a frame of the animation, and must be distributed evenly across the texture. Select a variable below to see script examples. You may want to use this texture on your particle system with each example, to see how the module works.

See Also: ParticleSystem, ParticleSystem.textureSheetAnimation.


enabledTexture Sheet Animation モジュールの有効/無効を切り替えます。
flipUFlip the U coordinate on particles, causing them to appear mirrored horizontally.
flipVFlip the V coordinate on particles, causing them to appear mirrored vertically.
frameOverTimeMultiplierFrame over time mutiplier.
modeSelect whether the animated texture information comes from a grid of frames on a single texture, or from a list of Sprite objects.
numTilesXX 軸におけるテクスチャのタイリングを定義します。
numTilesYY 軸におけるテクスチャのタイリングを定義します。
rowIndex ParticleSystem.TextureSheetAnimationModule.useRandomRow が無効になっている場合、テクスチャシートの何列目を使用するか明確に指定します。
spriteCountThe total number of sprites.
startFrameMultiplierStarting frame multiplier.
uvChannelMaskテクスチャアニメーションを受信する UV チャンネルを選択します。

Public 関数

AddSpriteAdd a new Sprite.
GetSpriteGet the Sprite at the given index.
RemoveSpriteRemove a Sprite from the given index in the array.
SetSpriteSet the Sprite at the given index.