Version: 2018.2
public bool Raycast (Vector3 targetPosition, out AI.NavMeshHit hit);




bool エージェントとターゲット位置との間に障害物がある場合は true、そうでない場合は false



This function follows the path of a "ray" between the agent's position and the specified target position. If an obstruction is encountered along the line then a true value is returned and the position and other details of the obstructing object are stored in the hit parameter. This can be used to check if there is a clear shot or line of sight between a character and a target object. This function is preferable to the similar Physics.Raycast because the line tracing is performed in a simpler way using the navmesh and has a lower processing overhead.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.AI;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { public Transform target; private NavMeshAgent agent;

void Start() { agent = GetComponent<NavMeshAgent>(); }

void Update() { NavMeshHit hit; if (!agent.Raycast(target.position, out hit)) { // Target is "visible" from our position. } } }