Version: 2018.1
public void GetTileData (Vector3Int position, Tilemaps.ITilemap tilemap, ref Tilemaps.TileData tileData);


positionPosition of the Tile on the Tilemap.
tilemapThe Tilemap the tile is present on.
tileDataData to render the tile.


void Whether the call was successful.


Retrieves any tile rendering data from the scripted tile.

Implement this and fill in the TileData to have the Tilemap to render the tile.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Tilemaps;

// Tile that repeats two sprites in checkerboard pattern [CreateAssetMenu] public class CheckerboardTile : TileBase { public Sprite spriteA; public Sprite spriteB;

public override void GetTileData(Vector3Int position, ITilemap tilemap, ref TileData tileData) { bool evenCell = Mathf.Abs(position.y + position.x) % 2 > 0; tileData.sprite = evenCell ? spriteA : spriteB; } }