Version: 2018.1
public static void ConnectAsNetworkHost (int hostId, string address, int port, Networking.Types.NetworkID network, Networking.Types.SourceID source, Networking.Types.NodeID node, out byte error);


hostIdHost ID associated with this connection (Retrieved when calling NetworkTransport.AddHost).
addressIPv4 address of the relay.
portPort of the relay.
networkGUID for the relay match, retrieved by calling NetworkMatch.CreateMatch and using the MatchInfo.networkId.
sourceGUID for the source, can be retrieved by calling Utility.GetSourceID.
errorError (can be cast to NetworkError for more information).
nodeSlot ID for this user, retrieved by calling NetworkMatch.CreateMatch and using the MatchInfo.nodeId.



Calling this function sets the connection as the owner of the network group on the Relay server. This client should call ReceiveRelayEventFromHost periodically to be notified about connection/disconnection events to/from Relay server.