Version: 2017.4


public RenderTexture (int width, int height, int depth);
public RenderTexture (int width, int height, int depth, RenderTextureFormat format);
public RenderTexture (int width, int height, int depth, RenderTextureFormat format, RenderTextureReadWrite readWrite);
public RenderTexture (RenderTexture textureToCopy);
public RenderTexture (RenderTextureDescriptor desc);


depthデプスバッファーのビット数 ( 0、 16 や 24 ) 。ステンシルバッファーのみ 24 ビットであることに注意してください。
descCreate the RenderTexture with the settings in the RenderTextureDescriptor.
textureToCopyCopy the settings from another RenderTexture.


新規の RenderTexture オブジェクトを作成します

The render texture is created with width by height size, with a depth buffer of depth bits (depth can be 0, 16 or 24), and in format format and with sRGB read / write on or off.

Note that constructing a RenderTexture object does not create the hardware representation immediately. The actual render texture is created upon first use or when Create is called manually. So after constructing the render texture, it is possible to set additional variables, like format, dimension and so on.

See Also: format variable, GetTemporary.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { public RenderTexture rt; void Start() { rt = new RenderTexture(256, 256, 16, RenderTextureFormat.ARGB32); } }