Version: 2017.4


class in UnityEngine



Unity の描画機能の Raw インターフェースです。

最適化されたメッシュを描画する Unity の高度な機能です。

Static 変数

activeColorGamutReturns the currently active color gamut.
activeTierGraphics Tier classification for current device. この値を変更すると、その後に読み込まれるシェーダーすべてが影響されます。最初は、この値は使用しているハードウェアから自動検出されます。

Static 関数

ClearRandomWriteTargetsClear random write targets for Shader Model 4.5 level pixel shaders.
ConvertTextureThis function provides an efficient way to convert between textures of different formats and dimensions. The destination texture format should be uncompressed and correspond to a supported RenderTextureFormat.
CreateGPUFenceCreates a GPUFence which will be passed after the last Blit, Clear, Draw, Dispatch or Texture Copy command prior to this call has been completed on the GPU.
DrawMeshInstancedDraw the same mesh multiple times using GPU instancing.
DrawMeshInstancedIndirectDraw the same mesh multiple times using GPU instancing.
DrawProceduralGPU に完全なプロシージャルジオメトリを描画します。
DrawProceduralIndirectGPU に完全なプロシージャルジオメトリを描画します。
ExecuteCommandBufferAsyncExecutes a command buffer on an async compute queue with the queue selected based on the ComputeQueueType parameter passed.It is required that all of the commands within the command buffer be of a type suitable for execution on the async compute queues. If the buffer contains any commands that are not appropriate then an error will be logged and displayed in the editor window. Specifically the following commands are permitted in a CommandBuffer intended for async execution:CommandBuffer.BeginSampleCommandBuffer.CopyCounterValueCommandBuffer.CopyTextureCommandBuffer.CreateGPUFenceCommandBuffer.DispatchComputeCommandBuffer.EndSampleCommandBuffer.IssuePluginEventCommandBuffer.SetComputeBufferParamCommandBuffer.SetComputeFloatParamCommandBuffer.SetComputeFloatParamsCommandBuffer.SetComputeTextureParamCommandBuffer.SetComputeVectorParamCommandBuffer.WaitOnGPUFenceAll of the commands within the buffer are guaranteed to be executed on the same queue. If the target platform does not support async compute queues then the work is dispatched on the graphics queue.
SetRandomWriteTargetSet random write target for Shader Model 4.5 level pixel shaders.
WaitOnGPUFenceInstructs the GPU's processing of the graphics queue to wait until the given GPUFence is passed.