Version: 2017.3
public static bool SendQueuedMessages (int hostId, int connectionId, out byte error);


hostId Host ID associated with this connection.
connectionId ID of the connection.
error Error (can be cast to NetworkError for more information).


bool True if hostId and connectioId are valid.


Sends messages, previously queued by NetworkTransport.QueueMessageForSending function.

Unlike Send() function which uses SendDelay configuration parameter to determine when it will really combine incoming messages to packet and send it out, this function don't send messages but store all of them in incoming queue. The real immideate send will happene when user call SendBatch(hostId, ConnectioId). This function allow precise define time of sending (for example once per frame). To use this scenario you should set SendDelay = 0, or you will get additional SendDelay delay when you call SendBatch().